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July 22-27 juillet 2012
Centre Mont-Royal
Montréal, Québec, Canada
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Pre- or Post-Conference Tours - Basic Information

We are not offering IAML Member Pre or Post Conference Tours, but we will have information from a couple of tour companies for tourist packages that are available from Montréal. We will try to help IAML members who want to take these share information with each other to try to end up on the same tours, if there is interest.

Companies that offer tours (currently only winter tour information):

Cities that are close to Montréal and accessible by tour buses, bus services or rail services (ViaRail for Canada or Amtrak for U.S.) include:

A good pairing with Montréal would be Quebec City, which is a UNESCO heritage site and recently celebrated its 400th anniversary. A walled city with cobblestone streets, it is charming and full of historic sites, including the Citadel Fortress and the Château Frontenac. A post conference tour for a couple of nights would be a good choice after a week in Montréal.