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July 22-27 juillet 2012
Centre Mont-Royal
Montréal, Québec, Canada
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Wednesday Afternoon Tours

1. The Classic - Bonjour Montreal City Tour

Enjoy an exclusive half-day introduction to the history and passionate culture of Montreal. This tour will take visitors by bus past many of the city's most remarkable attractions, including:

  • Mount Royal Park and St. Joseph's Oratory, which beckons to visitors of all faiths
  • the winding cobbled streets and charming historic buildings of Old Montreal, including a stop at the Notre Dame Basilica
  • the islands of Sainte Hélène and Notre Dame, once the site of the 1967 World's Fair and are now home to parks, the Casino de Montréal, a race track and more
  • the "Golden Square Mile," with its blend of elegant nineteenth-century mansions and posh hotels
  • the Latin Quarter, a hot spot for gastronomy, culture and festivals and home to trendy restaurants, cafés and clubs.

Duration: 3 hours
Motor coach tour

2. Stepping Back Through Time - Walking Tour of Old Montreal

The rich cultural heritage of Old Montreal is yours to discover during this unique tour looking at the beginnings of one of North America's oldest cities. Picturesque, handsomely preserved and vibrantly alive with Montrealers and visitors alike, Old Montreal invites you to its cobblestone streets for a glimpse at life in centuries past.

Old Montreal is home to one of the continent's greatest collections of historic buildings from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Led by a professional guide, this unique half-day walking tour will take you on an exploration of the place where Montréal started over 350 years ago. Stroll through narrow lanes and ancient squares for a taste of city life from times past. Among the many sites to visit are the outstanding Notre Dame Basilica (1829), church of Montréal's first parish, the impressive Bank of Montreal (1847), head office to the first permanent bank in Canada, as well as City Hall, lively Place Jacques-Cartier and the revitalized Old Port. Comfortable shoes are a must for our promenade down centuries-old cobblestone streets!

Duration: 3 hours
Walking tour, including a trip on the Metro from Downtown to Old Montreal.

3. Montreal's Multicultural City Tour

The city of Montreal owes its great cultural diversity to the hundreds of different ethnic groups who have settled here. From Italians to Portuguese and Asians, Montreal will allow you to travel around the world…in just a few hours! Follow the tour through Montreal's different neighbourhoods and their gastronomic highlights, so you can experience the city's multicultural heart (and stomach!). Some highlights include:

  • Chinatown and its Portal of the Sun
  • the Eastern European restaurants and stores along St. Lawrence Boulevard ("the Main")
  • Park Avenue's Greek community
  • the Jean Talon Market in the centre of Little Italy
  • Outremont's Hasidic Jewish community
  • Montreal's Portuguese quarter.

Duration: 4 hours
Motor coach tour
Please note: a supplement of $20 is required to cover the food included along the way and the tour's added length.

4. Organ crawl

Mark Twain once famously remarked of Montreal, “This is the first time I was ever in a city where you couldn't throw a brick without breaking a church window.” The city’s ecclesiastic heritage has produced a wonderful musical legacy: a rich collection of organs built by world-renowned local craftsmen. Discover three representative instruments on a tour guided by Gilles Leclerc, President of the Royal Canadian College of Organists. The tour will offer an opportunity to explore the instruments, their churches and the Montreal neighbourhoods in which they reside.

  • Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church (Casavant)
  • Grand Séminaire (Tracker Guilbault-Therrien)
  • St. Joseph's Oratory (Beckerath)

Duration: 4 hours
Motor coach tour