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July 22-27 juillet 2012
Centre Mont-Royal
Montréal, Québec, Canada
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Accompanying Persons Tour - Tuesday

Green Montreal: Biodome & Botanical Gardens


Join this special tour to experience the unique natural worlds showcased at the Montreal Biodome and Montreal Botanical Garden. Enjoy over 26,000 plant species at the Botanical Garden, handsomely laid out in 10 greenhouses and 30 thematic gardens. Then, at the Biodome, take a trip through 4 different ecosystems of the Americas, ranging from the tropical rainforest to icy polar extremes.

Colours and Fragrances from Around the World:

At 180 acres, the Montreal Botanical Garden is second in size only to Kew Gardens in London, offering visitors a unique stroll amidst plants from around the world. This visit will delight participants, from the charms of the authentic Chinese garden, with 16 different traditional landscapes and its elegant display of penjing, and the generous Japanese garden, home to the largest collection of bonsai outside of Asia, to the outstanding rose gardens, named the world's finest rose garden by the World Federation of Rose Societies, the magnificent Arboretum, the unique First Nations Garden, and so much more. Breathe deep and allow yourself to be surrounded by beauty!

Four Ecosystems Under One Roof:

Home to such animals as the lynx and porcupine, anacondas, caimans and tamarin monkeys, penguins, puffins and thousands more, the Biodome showcases some of the principal environments of the Americas, all alive in natural settings amidst tumbling waterfalls, towering trees, subarctic coastal rock formations and salty seawater basins. Come and explore the tropical forests, the frigid world of the arctic and antarctic, the seasonal variations of the Laurentian forest, and the underwater environment of the St. Lawrence marine ecosystem. This unique living collection is housed in the former velodrome of the 1976 Summer Olympic Games.

Duration: 5 hours
9.30 at Registration Desk for Conference