Modern Canadian Bibliography

Marie Tremaine, A Bibliography of Canadian Imprints, 1751-1800. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1952.

Marie Tremaine (1902-1984) was Canada's most distinguished bibliographer. Her Canadian Imprints is a landmark of Canadian bibliography and set the standard for future bibliographers.

Bruce Braden Peel, A Bibliography of the Prairie Provinces to 1953. Second edition. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1973.
First published in 1956, Bruce Peel's Bibliography of the Prairie Provinces has become the standard reference for works dealing with western Canada

William F.E. Morley, The Atlantic Provinces.- Canadian Local Histories to 1950. Volume I. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1967.

This, the first of three volumes - Quebec (1971) and Ontario and the Canadian North (1978) were volumes two and three - was begun in 1955 when local history first attracted William Morley's interest. The work was sponsored by the Centennial Commission. The centennial year 1967 marks something of a watershed in Canadian bibliography and after that date the number of published bibliographies shows a dramatic increase.

John H. Crosskill, A Comprehensive Outline of the Geography and History of Nova Scotia. From the Discovery of America to the Reign of Queen Victoria I. ... For Schools and Private Instruction. Halifax: Printed and Published for the Author, 1838. Lande 165 (Morley, p. 71)
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The Quebec Magazine or Useful and Entertaining Repository of Science,Morals, History, Politics &c. Particularly Adapted for the Use of British America. [Quebec: Samuel Neilson, 1793]. Lande 2107 (Tremaine, p. 656)
Officium in Honorem Domini J.C. Summi Sacerdotis et Omnium Sanctorum Sacerdotum Ac Levitarum. Montreal: Fleury Mesplet, 1777. (Lande S 1969 (Tremaine, p. 121 #257)
General Orders for the Militia of the Province of Quebec, 22d July 1 790. [Quebec: Samuel Neilson, 1790]. Lande S1858 (Tremaine, p. 304 #652)

The Wondrous West. [n.p., ca 1902]. Lande Arkin (Peel #1698, cf #1672)
E. Gill, Manitoba Chore Boy. London: Religious Tract Society. 1912. Lande Arkin (Peel #2297)
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