The Mid-Nineteenth Century

Henry Stevens, Bibliotheca Americana: A Catalogue of Books Relating to the History and Literature of America. London: Sold by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson, 1861.
Henry Stevens of Vermont (1819-1886), London based American book seller, planned to compile an American bibliography and made a beginning with his American Nuggets, facsimile reprints of rare and early Americana. However, the constraints of both time and money made this project unrealizable, and the books that Stevens had collected for this project were sold by Messrs. Puttick and Simpson, Auctioneers of Literary Property in an eight day sale from 6 March to 23 March 1861. The sale contained 2415 lots.

Henry Harrisse, Notes pour servir à l'histoire, à la bibliographie et à la cartographie de la Nouvelle France et des pays adjacents, 1545-1700. Paris: Librairie Tross, 1872. Lande S1038
Henry Harrisse (1829-1910), Franco-American lawyer and bibliographer, published his Notes after settling in Paris in 1870. The Notes is dedicated "à mon illustre amie George Sand" and the introduction dated "Paris, pendant le siège, 1870-71." The Notes is divided into three parts : printed works, maps and documents for 833 entries in all, and many entries have extensive annotations.

F. A. Brockhaus, Bibliothèque Américaine. Catalogue raisonné d'une collection de livres précieux sur l'Amérique parus depuis sa découverte jusqu'à l'an 1700 en vente Chez F.A. Brockhaus à Leipzig. Leipzig: F.A. Brockhaus, 1861.
This catalogue issued by the Leipzig book seller F. A. Brockhaus and prepared by Paul Trömel includes much of the collection formed by the book seller Frederik Müller of Amsterdam. The presence of book sellers' catalogues among the bibliographies underlines the importance that book sellers played in the building of the great collections of Americana in the nineteenth century.

Joannes de Laet, L'histoire du nouveau monde ou description des Indes Occidentales.... Leyden: Bonaventure & Abraham Elseviers, 1640. Lande 492F (Stevens, p. 138 #1211)
Gabriel Sagard-Théodat, Le grand voyage du pays des Hurons. Paris: Denys Moreau, 1632. Lande S2012 (Harrisse, p. 67 #52)

Eberhard Werner Happel, Ausslandischen Nationen. [Hamburg: 1688]. Lande S1029F (Brockhaus, cf. p.118 #397)