The Early Twentieth Century

Toronto Public Library, Books and Pamphlets Published in Canada up to the Year Eighteen Hundred and Thirty Seven, Copies of Which are in the Public Reference Library, Toronto, Canada. Toronto: Toronto Public Library, 1916.
This work should probably be considered the forerunner of the now standard Bibliography of Canadiana (TPL), the first volume of which was published in 1936 and now extends to a second and third supplement, some six volumes in all. It was also a model that other libraries were to follow.

Douglas Library, Canadiana, 1698-1900. In the possession of the Douglas Library, Queen's University. Kingston: [The Library], 1932.

This was the first bibliography of Canadiana to be published by a Canadian university and as the introduction notes Queen's was the first Canadian university to establish a chair in Canadian history.

William Perkins Bull, M'n N Canadiana: Books by Canadians or About Canada: A National Wedding Present from Wm. Perkins Bull, K.C. to His Son Michael Bull, B,A,. Oxon., Barrister of the Inner Temple and His Bride Noreen Hennessy..... Brampton, Ontario: Printed by Charters Pub. Co., [1933].
William Perkins Bull (1870-1948), Toronto barrister, cattle breeder and collector, gathered this very personal collection as a gift for his son on his marriage.

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