The Early Nineteenth Century

G.B. Faribault, Catalogue d'ouvrages sur l'histoire de l'Amérique et en particulier sur celle du Canada. Québec: W. Cowan, 1837.
Georges-Barthélemi Faribault (1789-1866), lawyer, public servant and bibliographer, produced the first Canadian bibliography in 1837 having worked in close collaboration with the Montreal antiquarian Jacques Viger. The aim was to provide a work that would be of use to "ceux qui se sentiraient disposés à écrire une Histoire du Canada, plus complète qu'aucune de celles qui existent maintenant." Items that were in the Library of the House of Assembly of Lower Canada are marked with an asterisk. This library was destroyed during the riot in Montreal on 25 April 1849.

Obadiah Rich, A Catalogue of Books Relating Principally to America, Arranged under the Years in Which They were Published. London: O. Rich, 1832.
Obadiah Rich (1783-1850), London book seller, specialized in Americana. This is one of his early Americana catalogues containing 486 priced items ranging in date from 1506 to 1700.

Henri Ternaux, Bibliothèque Américaine ou Catalogue des ouvrages relatifs a l'Amérique qui ont paru depuis sa découverte jusqu'à l'an 1700. Paris: Arthus-Bertrand, 1837.

Henri Ternaux-Compans (1807-1864) was a French diplomatic secretary, traveller and editor of early voyages. The Bibliothèque contains 1153 entries ranging in date from 1493 to 1700, the earliest being a copy of the 1493 Epistola Cristofori Colom. (letter of Christopher Columbus). Each entry is annotated.

Destruction of the Parliament House, Montreal, April 25th. 1849. Montreal: Matthews Lith., [1849]. Lande Print 88
Marc Lescarbot, Les muses de la nouvelle France. Paris: Jean Millot, 1609. Lande 1917 (Faribault, p. 87 #407)
William Vaughan, The Golden Fleece Divided into Three Parts ... [Map of Newfoundland]. London: Printed for Francis Williams, 1626. Lande S2269 (Rich, p. 45 #177)
Jacques Phillipe Cornut, Canadensium plantarum.... Paris: Simon Le Moyne, 1635. Lande 157 (Ternaux-Compans, p. 103 #566)