The Eighteenth Century

White Kennett, Bibliotheca Americanæ Primordia. London: Printed for G. Churchill..., 1713.
White Kennett (1660-1728), priest and bishop of the Church of England early formed the project of collecting and giving to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (S.P.G.) a library dealing with America. To his own collection, formed when writing his Account, were added over three hundred separate items donated by friends. This library was presented to the Society in February 1713, and later in the same year 250 copies of the Bibliotheca Americanæ Primordia were printed.

L.T. Rede, Bibliotheca Americana. London: Printed for J. Debrett..., 1789.
Leman Thomas Rede (d. 1810), student of the Middle Temple, miscellaneous writer and according to the Dictionary of National Biography a "newspaper hack" compiled his Bibliotheca Americana from the holdings of the British Museum and other sources. It is much less extensive than Kennett's earlier work, but does include manuscript material.

An Account of the Society for Propagating the Gospel in Foreign Parts. London: Printed by Joseph Downing, 1706. Lande S2127 (Kennett, p. 195)

Four Indian Kings Speech to Her Majesty. London, April 20, 1710. London: John Reid Junior, [1710]. Lande Ind. 85 (Kennett, p. 206)

Paul Lejeune, Relation de ce qui s'est passé en la nouvelle France en l'année 1638. Paris: Sebastian Cramoisy, 1638. Lande S1267 (Kennett, p. 83)

Andre Thévet, Les singularitez de la France antarctique, autrement nommée Amerique: & de plusieurs terres & iles découvertes de nostre temps. Paris: Chez les Héritiers de Maurice de la Porte. Lande 833 (Rede, p. 150-1)

Richard Whitbourne, A Discourse and Discovery of New-Found-Land .... London: Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, for William Barret, 1620. Lande 894 (Rede, p.81)

François DuCreux, Historiae canadensis. Paris: Sebastian Cramoisy, 1664. Lande 199 (Rede, p. 98)