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StreetCD 2000
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Available only on ONE public workstation at the Walter Hitschfeld Geographic Information Centre (GIC). Please ask staff for the CDs.
Access Requirements / Limits
The StreetCD 2000 data is accessible to McGill users only
Coverage and Frequency
2000.  No updates as yet.
StreetCD 2000 contains Census TIGER 2000 (United States 2000 Census) street and boundary data. Data contained in this database include:
  • Comprehensive coverage of the US and outlying areas.
  • All Interstates, highways, major roads, local streets
  • All boundaries, block, school districts, voting districts, and more
  • All Railroads, Amtrak stations, rail transfer facilities, and more
  • All Hydrology, rivers, waterways, lakes, and more
  • All landmarks, Airports, schools, hospitals, parks, and more
  • The complete Tiger 2000 exportable in both Arcview and MapInfo formats
  • Two million new street segments for accurate geocoding;
  • Detailed shorelines
Geographic data can be exported into ArcView and MapInfo.  Attribute data can be exported to most software packages: statistical (e.g. SAS, SPSS), database (e.g. Access,  Oracle), spreadsheet (e.g. Excel, 1-2-3) .
System Requirements
To view and extract the data, you must use the StreetCD software installed on only ONE workstation Walter Hitschfeld Geographic Centre. SPSS, Excel, Access, ArcView and MapInfo software is also available on this workstation.
User Guide / Search Tips
Please consult the help manual associated with the StreetCD 2000 software.
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