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Comprehensive Shakespeare Dictionary
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Available in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library. Ask for the CD & documentation at the Redpath A/V desk.
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1998, no updates
This CD-ROM sets a new standard for Shakespearean reference materials by combining a virtual bookshelf of authoritative resources into a single, searchable disc. It makes unlocking the mysteries of Shakespeare’s works more intriguing and gratifying for a wide range of users. This one-of-a-kind reference tool contains
  • A lexicon of over 20,000 terms defined in everyday languageaccording to Shakespeare’s own usage, with over 50,000 fully cited supporting quotations from his works.
  • A name dictionary, including complete descriptions of characters, places, and historical figures.
  • Character action summaries and plot synopses of all of Shakespeare’s plays on an act-by-act basis.
  • A quick reference guide to more than 100 of Shakespeare’s most popular quotations.

Two classic references, Shakespeare Lexicon, Third Edition by Alexander Schmidt (1902) and Dictionary of the Characters and Proper Names in the Works of Shakespeare compiled by Francis Griffin Stokes (1924), have been updated, revised, and reformatted into a powerful, electronically searchable database.

More than 260,000 links, far more information than can be found on any Shakespeare-related Web site, allow users to spend less time searching and more time discovering the true meaning of Shakespeare’s words.

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