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Canadian Farm Financial Database

[was Extraction System for Agricultural Statistics - ESAS]


Effective July 31, 2012, the Canadian Farm Financial Database will no longer be available. Part of the data is available without charge in CANSIM: tables 002-0024 to 002-0042 and 002-0044 to 002-0067. Catalogue number 21F0001XBB, Extraction System of Agricultural Statistics (ESAS), ISSN no. 1201-8325 has been renamed to Canadian Farm Financial Database (CFFD), ISSN 1920-1230. The Extraction System of Agricultural Statistics (ESAS) CD-ROM (catalogue no. 21F0001XCB) was replaced with an Internet database product (catalogue no. 21F0001XBB). .

link to Canadian Farm Financial Database

The revised product uses a web-based interface to retrieve selected information. You can also view selected tables on screen, print them or export them for use in other applications. Whether you are interested in dairy production in Quebec or off-farm income in Saskatche- wan, ESAS takes only a few minutes to let you access all the current and historical agricultural data you need.


Downloadable Collections


1. Download 200x-Data package. It may take a few minutes as it is a large file.

2. Unzip the downloaded file ESAS-SESA-200x-CD.ZIP (in Windows XP by double-clicking on it).

3. Save the unzipped files in a folder.

4. Open the folder and then open the directory named ESAS200x. Run the file SETUP.EXE.

5. By default the files will be installed in folder named C:\ESAS200x, unless you choose otherwise.

6. Open C:\ESAS200x, and run the program ESAS0x.EXE.