Canada 96 Census
Canada 96 Census Documentation

Complete 1996 Census data in Beyond 20/20 Format
   Access Restricted to McGill, Bishop's ,Concorodia and Ottawa University Users

  • Statistical Profile of Canadian Communities - Public Use - (cities, towns, villages, Indian Reserves  &  Settlements, etc.)  information on education, income and work, families and dwellings, as well as  general population information. This data is designated as 'public use' by Statistics Canada, and thus is available to all users.
  • The Nation Series - Public Use - Selected tables Only -  (social and economic characteristics of the population for Canada,  provinces and territories, and in many cases for census metropolitan areas)
  • Federal Electoral District Profile   Public Use

  • The profiles appear in an easy-to-use format, in both English and French. Statistics Canada is making available statistical profiles of all 301 federal electoral districts. The Federal electoral district profile includes data from the 1996 Census of Population and a mapping feature.  Each profile contains data on four major components: population and demographic characteristics; education; income and work; and families and dwellings.
  • Historical Statistics of Canada   Public Use

  • This volume contains about 1,088 statistical  tables on the social, economic and institutional conditions of Canada from the start of Confederation in 1867 to the mid-1970s. 
    The electronic version of this historical publication is accessible on the Internet site of Statistics  Canada as a free downloadable document: text as HTML pages and all tables as individual  spreadsheets in a comma delimited format (CSV)(which allows online viewing or downloading). 
  • Canadian Statistics : Public Use

  • Canadian statistics a free tabular data on aspects of Canada's economy, land, people and government. 
  • 1996 Census and Health Facts for Montreal - Public Use - (Montreal Region / CLSC / Municipalities) - (French)
Comparison of the Census and Alternative Sources of

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