World*Data 1995: World Bank Indicators on CD-ROM

The most comprehensive package of statistics and analyses the World Bank has ever produced, with the convenience of CD-ROM.

When you need dependable information on the world's economies and the social factors that shape them, World*Data 1995: World Bank Indicators on CD-ROM is the ultimate resource. You'll command an entire library of information with a few taps on your computer keyboard!.

Over 700 socio-economic time-series indicators. (list of the indicator categories on the CD-ROM. )
World*Data includes information from 1960 through 1994 (where available), with complete data sets from print publications World Tables 1995, World Debt Tables 1994-95. External Finance for Developing Countries, and Social Indicators of Development 1995, plus the complete text of Trends in Developing Economies 1995.

Data for over 200 economies. The CD-ROM format allows you to select groups of countries (for example, Southeast Asia) or create your own groups for easy comparison of indicators.

Text. The complete text of Trends in Developing Economies (TIDE): current descriptions of the economies of World Bank borrowing countries

Information you can't get from any other World Bank Source. Statistics in World*Data go as far back as 1960 wherever available, compared with 1970 for our print publications. GDP is converted into U.S. dollars for easy country-to-country comparisons.

A powerful tool. World*Data contains the complete version of Javelin Plus 3.1 software. More than a spreadsheet, Javelin lets you visualize and analyze data in multidimensional ways.

System Requirements: World*Data works with any IBM compatible computer that has a CD-ROM reader and at least 512K of available memory. The user's guide helps you get up to speed fast.

Click to download a sample of the World*Data 1995 CD-ROM. Once you have downloaded the sample, type SAMPLE.EXE to expand the files and then type STARS.BAT at the next prompt to run the program.

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