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Canada Census: Geographic Data
Census 1996

Census 1996: Geographic Files - GeoSuite Software

GeoSuite is a powerful search tool based on the 1996 Census geographic reference information and includes population and dwelling count data for all standard geographic areas. With GeoSuite, users may retrieve data, explore the links between geographic areas and obtain information on those areas. The information available includes 1996 population counts, 1996 dwelling counts, land area (except for federal electoral districts and enumeration areas), geographic codes, names and, in some cases, 1991 Census population counts (both final and adjusted) for growth calculations.
This version of GeoSuite contains data for the following standard Census and geographic units:
  • Canada (CAN)
  • Provinces/Territories (PR)
  • Economic Regions (ER)
  • Census Divisions (CD)
  • Census Consolidated Subdivisions (CCS)
  • Census Subdivisions (CSD)
  • Designated Places (DPL), (the CSD parts of DPLs)
  • Federal Electoral Districts (FED), (based on the 1987 Representation Order)
  • Census Metropolitan Areas/Census Agglomerations (CMA/CA)
  • Primary Census Metropolitan Areas/Primary Census Agglomerations (PCMA/PCA)
  • Census Tracts (CT)
  • Urban Areas (UA)
  • Enumeration Areas (EA)
GeoSuite also provides access to the following information:
  • EA Correspondence data that relate the 1991 Census enumeration areas to the 1996 Census enumeration areas;
  • EA Reference Map listing that enables users to get reference numbers for EA maps covering any standard geographic area; and
  • a series of reports, including EA Reference Lists which were available as separate publications for the 1991 Census. These reports can be viewed on screen or printed.